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 The SA Canine Association Inc (SACA), Trading as Dogs SA, is the State Office in respect to the affairs of registered breeders, the registration of pedigree dogs and the administration of canine exhibitions in South Australia. The Association is affiliated with the National Body, the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). 


From time to time they bring in new rules and these rules affect how a breeder needs to conduct their affairs in relation to being a REGISTERED BREEDER.  Breeders must adhere to these rules and regulations.  As new and important rules come to our attention we will be updating them here.  This information is there not just for our breeders but for prospective puppy buyers.  It is in the breeders best interest to read their monthly journals to be kept up to date on changes to the rules.

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1.  NEW ANKC ruling:  Microchipping of dogs from 1st January 2012 is COMPULSORY.  The microchipping is the responsiblity of the breeder and NOT the purchaser. Therefore before any litter is registered please microchip your puppies at the same time as you vaccinate them.  The breeder MUST lodge the microchip paperwork at the same time of registering the litter.  It is against the rules to demand that the puppy buyer be responsible for the microchipping for litters registered as of 1st January 2012. 


 2.  COMPULSORY YOU MUST REGISTER EVERY PUPPY IN THE LITTER.  It seems that some breeders are unaware of the Dogs SA rulings. These rules are published in the DogsSA journal so it pays to read it when you receive it.  The breeder MUST register every puppy that is alive by vaccination time (6-8 week age) either on the Main or Limited register.  Even if you decide to give away a deaf puppy, you must register that puppy (obviously on the limited register).   


 3.  When you register the litter you have a choice of either the Main or Limited register.  We have been made aware that breeders are selling their puppies with or without papers.  If you as a breeder chooses to do that you must still regardless register that puppy.  Eg You have 8 puppies and only 2 went with papers you MUST still register 8 puppies.  If you decide to hold onto the papers for whatever reasons you must inform the puppy owner of the arrangment.   

The limited register was brought in specifically for pet people who did not want to show or breed. So we hope that when people are advertising with or without papers that they are registering the whole litter still.  Do not be caught out as Dogs SA will enforce their rules.  So we are putting this here to inform and educate ALL registered breeders of Dogs SA rules as we get told.


4.  "As of July 2011 certain breedings were restricted from occuring.  You may no longer conduct or permit mother/son, father/daughter or brother/sister matings.  I shall be fully aware that puppies as a result of such matings will not be registered without first gaining approval from the SACA for the mating for scientifically proven welfare or veterinary reasons". 


Below is the CODE OF ETHICS, this must be adhered to by ALL registered breeders.


DogsSA PART  XV     CODES               


Each Member shall comply with the following Code of Ethics and any Member who fails to do so shall be guilty of an offence against these Rules.

As a Member of the South Australian Canine Association:

1.     I shall ensure that at all times all dogs under my control are properly and effectively contained by fencing or enclosure, and are properly housed, fed, watered, exercised and given proper Veterinary attention if and when required.

 2.   I shall not allow any dogs under my care to roam at large, and, when away from home, ensure they are kept fully leashed, or otherwise under effective control at all times.

 3.     I shall breed only for the purpose of improving the quality of the breed in line with the breed standard and strive to eliminate hereditary diseases in the breed/s that I produce.

4.     I shall strive to have all my breeding stock tested, where tests are available, for hereditary diseases.


5.     (a)   I shall not mate any bitch kept by me, before she is twelve months of age.

        (b)  I understand that to mate the same bitch in consecutive seasons is not a recommended breeding practice and should only be undertaken in exceptional circumstances.

        (c)  If exceptional circumstances exist which I consider make it necessary to mate a bitch causing it to whelp in

consecutive seasons, I will not mate that bitch for a period of twelve months from the date of the birth of the puppies from that second season.

       (d)   I shall not conduct or permit mother/son, father/daughter or brother/sister matings.  I shall be fully aware that   puppies as a result of such matings will not be registered without first gaining approval from the SACA for the mating for scientifically proven welfare or veterinary reasons. (01/12)

       (e)   All bitches eight years of age and over at the time of a mating must have a current veterinary certificate stating that the bitch is in good health at the time of breeding. This certificate must be presented at the time of registration of the litter resulting from this mating. A current veterinarian certificate is defined as being within three months prior to the mating.

  6.     I shall not knowingly permit any of my pure bred dogs to be mated to a dog of a different breed, to a cross bred dog, or to an unregistered dog of the same breed, or to a dog of the same breed which is entered on the Limited Register, unless specific permission is given by the SACA.

7.     I shall not sell or otherwise transfer from my care any puppy under eight weeks of age, thus allowing for vaccination to be given at six weeks of age and thereby allowing for the ten to fourteen days for the vaccine to take effect.  Upon the disposal of the dog I shall provide the owner with a current vaccination certificate of that dog issued by a Veterinary Surgeon.

8.   I shall not knowingly sell or otherwise transfer from my care any dog that is not in good health.

9.     I shall ensure that any puppy that is to be exported shall be a minimum of eleven weeks of age and micro-chipped. (01/12)

10.          I shall ensure that all persons acquiring dogs from me clearly understand their responsibility for the care and welfare of the animal as defined in Clause 1 and 2 above.   I shall not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed, nor falsely advertise, or mislead any person regarding the performance of any dog.  I shall provide to all purchasers of dogs or those placed by me, written details of all dietary and vaccination requirements and responsible dog ownership and/or an appropriate publication relating to such requirements.

11. I shall not sell any dog to commercial dog wholesalers, retail pet dealers, or directly or indirectly to allow a dog to be given as a prize or donation in a contest of any kind or to be auctioned. (01/12)



Message from Dogs SA in December 2011 Dogs SA Journal


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