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Breed:  Bull Terrier


Breed:  Bull Terrier (Miniature)

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From time to time breeders get asked for a Roman nosed Bull Terrier.  The term Roman nose is not a correct term, its loosely used to describe the roman finish to their head but not to define the breed. Alas BYB (backyard breeders) have created this term and have falsely promoted it as a separate breed when it is not. They are simply referring to the Bull Terrier.   People who are not experienced with the terminology will grab the roman nose bit and think its a different breed or something pretty special and different when its not.  But always remember when you purchase your puppy on their pedigree papers where it states BREED you will only ever find these words;


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Bull Terrier Club of South Australia Inc
Adelaide, SA
Email : [email protected]

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