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Welcome to the Bull Terrier Club of South Australia's Website.

You do not have to own a Bull Terrier to be a member of our club, you only have to have an interest in the breed.
Even if you currently own a different breed of dog, your only requirment is to have an interest in the Bull Terrier or Bull Terrier (Miniature) to be a member of our club.

The club provides:

  • Regular magazines about the breed, exhibitors, owners and other usefull information
  • Ongoing advice to all dog owners
  • Invitations to club fun days that are open to all breeds of dogs
  • Specialty Bull Terrier Shows with highly respected International Judges from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa just to list a few!

What can we do for you?

The Bull Terrier club's referral service can help you find a registered pedigree Bull Terrier or Bull Terrier (Miniature) that is:

  • A puppy that will actually look like a Bull Terrier when it grows up (true to standard)
  • A puppy whose parents have been health tested against Nephritis, Heart Defects, Luxating Patella, Polycystic Kidneys and Primary Lens Luxation (occuring in Miniatures only)
  • A puppy that comes with a 1 year free membership to the Bull Terrier Club of South Australia Inc.
  • A puppy that is guarenteed to be purebred as it comes with registered pedigree papers.  No tall stories included!
  • A puppy that will cost on average $3000

Whether you are looking for a Bull Terrier, already own a Bull Terrier, or just adore the breed, THIS IS THE CLUB FOR YOU!
Members are spread throughout Australia and abroad but all activities are confined to South Australia.

Our club objectives are:

To promote the breeding and exhibition of registered pedigree Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier (Miniatures) and improvement thereof in a manner consistent with the Constitution of the Association and to obtain such licenses and permits from the Association as are necessary or conducive to the attainment of this objective.

To educate and encourage members, breeders, exhibitors and judges to abide by the requirements of the standards for Bull Terriers/Bull Terrier (Miniatures) approved by the Association.

To promote and support competition in all practical ways and to hold such Exhibitions as are permitted by the Constitution of the Association and the ANKC in accordance therewith;

  • To promote public interest in Bull Terriers/Bull Terrier (Miniatures)
  • To promote good fellowship among those interested in Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier (Miniatures)

To hear and determine any objections, protests or complaints made by any member or exhibitor against any other member or exhibitor arising out of or in connection with an

  • Exhibition conducted by the Club or any of its other activities

To otherwise conduct itself in accordance with and observe the provisions of the Constitution of the Association and abide by any direction lawfully given by the Association from time to time.

Our declaration of honour is:

That all members of the BTCSA Inc. do undertake not to breed from or exhibit or cause to exhibit deaf Bull Terriers/Bull Terrier (Miniatures) and furthermore that they will support the Club in every way practicable to stop the breeding from deaf Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier (Miniatures) - Dogs or Bitches owned by members or anybody else.

Members also declare that they will not offer for sale or be in anyway concerned in the sale or offering for sale of deaf Bull Terriers/Bull Terrier (Miniatures).  Members also agree that they will neither breed from nor offer at stud any animal which has suffered or is suffering from any inheritable painful defect.

NOTE: The BTCSA Inc. considers any Dog or Bitch that cannot hear perfectly DEAF!

Contact Details
Bull Terrier Club of South Australia Inc
Adelaide, SA
Email : [email protected]

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