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Membership includes the “Bully Bulletin” published seasonally (4 issues per year).  The form is found at the bottom of the page.

BTCSA Member Breeders please download the Honorary Membership form for their puppy owners.

Through the Bully Bulletin – no matter what your involvement with our beloved breed may be – show, obedience or companion we hope to educate, entertain and provide you with local Club activities (shows, fun days, hereditary disease info and testing facilities) etc. along with informative, fair and accurate representation of Bull Terrier events and activities throughout Australia and the World.

Bully Bulletin contributions from all our club members are encouraged and most welcome – send your articles, photos etc. to the Web Master. 

Club Financial year is November 1st - October 31st. 

 2019 - 2020 Membership Fees 

NEW:     $10.00 joining fee (once off)                      RENEWAL:        $25.00 Double 

            $25.00 Double                                                                  $20.00 Single
            $20.00 Single                                                                   $10.00 Pensioner/Junior
            $10.00 Pensioner/Junior


              International Members: Membership + $5.00 per year for postage


ATTENTION: Please print BOTH sides of the membership form & forward it to the Secretary with the correct fees.



Click here to download the BTCSA Membership Form


If you would like to join the Bull Terrier Club of South Australia's Breeder Directory we require certain protocols to be met - this ensures that all breeders on the directory have the best outlook for the breed in mind.

Click here to download the BTCSA Breeders Directory Protocol Form.

Please complete this form and submit to the Secretary for consideration by the committee. 

 Attention: When printing out the Honorary Membership Form, the breeder must complete the section at the bottom which includes Prefix and name of Dam.

New Puppy Buyers Honorary Membership Form (Breeders Prefix Included)

 Please note for puppy buyers to get Honorary Membership the breeder must be a registered breeder and member of the BTCSA Inc.

Contact Details
Bull Terrier Club of South Australia Inc
Adelaide, SA
Email : [email protected]

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